What’s the Difference Between On-site & Off-site SEO?

There are two ways you can approach Search Engine Optimization or SEO for your website: on-site SEO and off-siteSEO. The terms are what they sound like, on-site SEO refers to the SEO work you do directly on your website, while off-site SEO is SEO work done off of your website, but is equally as important.

On-Page SEO Characteristics


If you have experience in the marketing world, you have probably heard the expression “content is king”. In recent years, a popular on-page SEO strategy is to not only have enough content on your website, but to fully optimize that content. Site owners have full control of what content you put on your website and how it looks. It is imperative for site owners to optimize the content on their website to attract a larger traffic. Content on a website can always be optimized through integration of the proper keywords, description and having internal links.

Meta Tags

A meta tag is essentially a brief yet significant description of a web page on a search engine results page. A meta tag should always contain keywords relevant to the website and will appear below the web page title. Not only does it describe the specific web page to entice users, it also helps search engines rank your web page higher through its algorithms. Always aim to have a meta tag no short than 150 words but no longer than 160.

Page Speed

Your website’s page speed is another on-page SEO factor you can control as a site owner. Test your website’s page speed once a month using a page speed insights tool and make sure it’s up to par. Users do not want to wait around longer than they have to. Installing plugins or paid speed optimization services are ways one can enhance a website’s page speed.

Off-Page SEO Characteristics

Off-page SEO can still help your SEO game but are characteristics you have less control over.


Backlinks are great for SEO purposes. Backlinks are links that lead directly to your website from other web pages. When your website has a handful of backlinks on other websites, it helps build trust and credibility with search engines. As a byproduct of that, you will rank higher in search engine result pages and get more traffic to your site. It is important to keep in mind that buying backlinks is always a bad idea and a black-hat SEO practice. Always earn backlinks the right away.

Social Media

Having a social media presence for your business is significant in 2021. Your business’s social media accounts will indirectly improve your SEO game. By having content, posts, and sharing pages on social media, you have the ability to drive more traffic to your website.

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