What’s the Difference Between Google’s Penguin & Panda Algorithms?

Google Algorithms

When it comes to Google, Penguin & Panda, unfortunately, these are not furry cute animals; they are actually algorithms! Google has a couple of different algorithms to stop black hat SEO, such as:

  • keyword stuffing
  • spam
  • link farming
  • doorway pages
  • plagiarized content


The Panda algorithm was implemented by Google in 2011, and its purpose is to make sure content on websites is original & of good quality. Google wants sites to be used as a credible source. For example, if you have a website that has hundreds of pages but all of the pages are from other websites, Panda will penalize your website.  Panda penalties are somewhat hard to notice sometimes, one way to check is to be mindful of your organic SERP position & any drastic changes.


The Penguin algorithm followed Panda & was implemented in 2012. Penguin focuses on the quality and legitimacy of the links to and from your website. Google used to rank SEO on the number of links your site could be backlinked too. Link farms were created to mass produce spam links to try to trick Google’s system. Penguin deals with quality over quantity. One link from a highly ranked website will give you more SEO juice than hundreds from a link farm.


When it comes to content always be mindful of Panda. Don’t try to take the easy way out when writing your blogs for your website. Quality content is exactly what Google is looking for; if your content is good & trustworthy, you have a higher possibility of getting backlinks from other websites as well.


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