What’s the Difference Between Google Tag Manager and Analytics?

If you own or manage a website, you are highly encouraged to check if people are going to your website, otherwise, what is the point of having one? Google knows this which it is why they made it easier for users to obtain data for their websites and better yet, Google created platforms for you that are entirely free to use.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a system created to streamline the process of creating tags to send data to Google Analytics (GA). This allows users to integrate tags and variables to their websites and pages. There’s a lot of benefits in using Google Tag Manager and although it looks complicated to use, it is, in fact, relatively easy.

The system allows non-coders to generate codes and tags to their websites. You do not need to be an expert in programming to be able to use this tool. But, of course, having prior knowledge would be helpful in knowing what it is you are exactly putting in your site and pages. Luckily, tutorials are everywhere in this platform as Google wants every user to feel comfortable in using it.

In addition to that, using GTM actually allows your website to load faster. This is because of the feature that the platform does to the website to be able to load the pages asynchronously. With that also comes upgraded security. Google Tag Manager allows you to pick who are allowed to view and edit your tags and data. You can also remove users, when needed. The platform also has a feature that allows you to debug your tags and pages before publishing them for the customers to see.

This platform is a newer feature in the Google suite as opposed to Google Analytics. This means that once you install this, it would allow you to create simpler upgrades and enhancements to your pages in the future.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great platform to utilize especially if you are trying to figure out the demographics of your visitors, how they are locating your website, and which pages they click the most. Figuring out the demographics of your visitors is easy, what you do afterward with that information is the tricky one. This is a wonderful system that you can use if you do not have extensive knowledge in coding but want to put basic tracking on your website.

On that note, Google Analytics is best used in, guess what? Analyzing Data. With this platform, you can have analyzed data from different specific time periods and real-time data. This allows you to optimize your website and pages to improve user engagement and integration. This system also provides you reports and statistics for your website that are easy to read and provides the options for full customization.

In Boston Web Marketing, we specialize in using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics at the same time to get the best results for websites. We put in the time and effort to generate the tags that you would need for your pages and understand the data to make marketing decisions.

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