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What’s the Big Deal About Ahrefs New Search Engine?

When it comes to search engines you’ve probably heard of the popular ones like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These popular search engines dominate the overall search traffic and have for quite some time. Year after year, companies continue to develop new search engines in an effort to fix the drawbacks top search engines can’t provide and find a niche in the market. Recently, the company Ahrefs came out publicly and said that will be developing their very search engine. Ahrefs CEO Dmitry Gerasimenko has four fundamental reasons for trying to create a new search engine.

1. Google is Hoarding Site Visits

Dimitry believes that Google is taking away website authority. The more you can see during a search, like hours of operation, phone numbers, and addresses, the less likely you are to visit the websites that display the same information. Google is making it increasingly easy to find everything that you need without even having to click on any links, thus taking away power from publishers and their ability to promote content.

2. Wants to Give Control Back to the Publishers.

If you’ve ever done a Google search, then you have certainly seen those little green boxes that say “ad” at the top. These are Google Ads where companies pay to have their websites rank high. Dmitry believes this is unfair to the publishers as well as Google is deciding for us which websites show up in results. He wants to give that authority back and have search results be based more on content.

3. Googles Unfair Model

Dimitry believes that Google’s business model also limits the amount of power content creators have; That sites like Wikipedia aren’t doing well because Google won’t share search revenue. He went on to say:

“Remember that banner on Wikipedia asking for donations every year? Wikipedia would probably get few billions from its content in profit share model. And could pay people who polish articles a decent salary.”

4. Google Doesn’t Encourage Publishers and Innovation

The whole idea of a search engine is to give publishers a way to get found for their ideas, services, and products. Dimitry believes that Google at the core doesn’t give publishers the ability to fully express their ideas to the best of their abilities. It does this by putting things in their way that they have to do on top of creating unique content in order to rank well.

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