What’s The Best Social Media Platform For My Business?

New social media platforms are popping up constantly, which can seem very overwhelming if you’re trying to get going on social media with a new business.  How do you choose?  There are a few questions we should be asking to make this decision.

Where are the users?

Social Media audience graph

The most important question to ask first is where are all of the users? Based on the chart above, for most business’s Facebook and YouTube have the highest numbers of adults utilizing them as well as the best engagement rates.  For many businesses, incorporating video content into their marketing strategy can be difficult, so we suggest starting with Facebook and Twitter.

However some smaller niche businesses your efforts might be best put into something smaller, but more targeted.  Standing out on Facebook is hard.  Standing out on Reddit?  Not even close.  Reddit allows us to target much more specific, highly engaged, passionate audiences.

Does it effect my SEO?

Most social media URLs are nofollow links.  However, these still have value.  Also with platforms like Reddit we can get quality backlinks if the post has high engagement.  These can be very beneficial for SEO and is definitely worth considering.

Sources of quality social media backlinks:

  • YouTube videos
  • Reddit posts
  • Twitter posts
  • Linkedin Articles
  • Pinterest pins
  • All social media profile pages

The following social media posts won’t help with SEO specifically, but will help increase brand awareness and will drive users back to your website:

  • Facebook posts
  • Instagram posts
  • LinkedIn posts

What are your competitors doing?

If you’re still stuck on which social media platforms you should utilize or wondering how your social media strategy is working, head to your competitors social media account and see where they’re getting the most engagement.

What other advertising features are available?

Almost all social media platforms now offer advertising features, but what type of ad is going to be the most beneficial for your business?  This also links back to the first question of where is your audience.  If you need a good amount of text to convey your message, Facebook and LinkedIn are your best options due to their high character count limit.

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