What’s The Benefit Of Searching Your Name On Google?

Search Engine Optimization is a complex system. There are hundreds of ranking factors and countless things you can do in order to improve your rankings on major search engines. There’s minor technique most businesses could benefit from which could make a big difference. Whether you are a business owner or an SEO for the company, go onto Google and make a quick search for the companies name and the town they are located. When you do this, you should see the companies website first followed by articles about the company, social media accounts and business listings.

So, how can you benefit from this?

Fix Listings: Google wants an online profile across listing sites that are both accurate and cohesive. Simply searching your name can bring up listing sites you were unaware. Look through these and make sure all the information is correct.

Duplicate Site: Believe it or not, but some businesses have multiple sites with the same content and either don’t know it or don’t tell their SEO company. This can drastically hurt the site in terms of ranking online. Redirecting the old sites to the most optimized site will eventually relieve you from Googles dog house.

Potential Links:  Over the years, businesses get articles written about them, or they have affiliations with other companies and have a profile page. Searching your name could bring up 2-3 articles about your business. Reaching out to these sites and asking for a back link could give you the little extra juice you were looking for.

Reputation Management:

How you appear online is crucial. The reviews people make and the articles that get written about you directly affect a consumers decision if they wish to work with you or not. If you search your name and see harmful articles or poor reviews show up on the first page, you could be losing potential business.


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