What’s New in Google Search Console API?

If you are a big fan of using the Google Search Console API, make sure to update it for these changes!

A couple of days ago, Google announced that they have decided to clean up some parts of the current Search Console API. Most of the features being removed are related to apps, mostly focused on the Android app search appearance types.

Back in February, Google removed some app features from Google Search Console, so removing it from the API makes total sense. Google mentioned to app developers to slowly transition to Google’s Firebase platform for this type of reporting since the specified appearance types are no longer used in the user interface. Another reason why Google decided to remove these types is that they just haven’t been populated with data recently.

API Changes

Google mentioned that the following app search appearance types are no longer supported:

  • Is Install
  • Is App Universal
  • Is Opened

Sitemaps API

Another thing that Google mentioned is that the sitemaps API will no longer populate the indexing status of submitted sitemap files in the “Indexed” fields. Google said that SEOs should be wary and shouldn’t expect to see this information in the Indexed field.

Google, however, emphasized on the fact that they are strongly committed to the Search Console API and integrating the API to the new Search console is on the works. Although no timeframes were specified at the moment, we should expect something soon.

In the assumption that Google is still working on developing the new Search Console features, developers should expect a new Search Console API coming in the near future. But for now, Google advises to be updated and be wary of the fact that any of the features listed above will no have any data going forward.

To view the announcement made by Google a couple of days ago, click here.

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