What You Should Know About Google Discover

Google Discover was formerly known as Google Feed and is a feed that is personalized by Google to users based on their data and how they use the internet. Without having to search, Google Discover presents users with news stories, blogs, articles, and more that they’d likely be searching for. The aim of this tool is for users to help users find the content they want to engage with. 

How Does It Work?

The way that Google is able to provide users with personalized content is that it uses your search history, browser history, app activity, and location. With this information, it then provides you with topics relevant to you. No matter what it is that you’re into, there will be a feed catered to your interests. A lot of content on Discover is news, but there are also focuses on entertainment, hobbies, and local businesses and happenings. Users can also provide their own settings and feedback as well to help keep their feed tailored to them. 

As more users and marketers use Google Discover, there has been a shift towards more blogs than the news article feed dominated feeds of the past. When it comes to the news, though, Google aims to provide a variety of different points of view. You can limit content from certain websites or about certain topics or more if you aren’t interested in what’s being displayed. 

Content for Google Discover

When it comes to being visible on the Discover feed, the most common type of content is blog posts. These blogs are typically related to the user’s specific interests and are likely to be more engaging than a news article because it’s such a targeted piece of content. Due to the nature of feeds, content that shows up the on Discover page isn’t likely to be there for very long, and the majority of the content that makes it one the page is brand new. Evergreen content that is great can make lasting impressions in certain industries and on specific topics, so high-quality content should always be your focus. Users are always more likely to engage with top-tier content. 

Google Discover is only available on mobile devices, so when creating content, it’s imperative that you make sure that it’s all mobile-friendly. Google users are searching from their phones now more than ever. Becoming an authority on a topic is key. You want to speak to readers, not create content with the intention of ranking because search volume has no impact on Discover. Get in-depth with your content and make sure that it’s original. As always, videos and images on these pages will help users interact with your content more than just plain text posts. 

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