What You Should Know About Facebook’s Messaging Integration

Late last month, Facebook announced its plan to fully integrate three of its most popular communicating and sharing platforms. By fully integrating Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Facebook-owned Instagram, users will be able to message each other across platforms. The integration is expected to be completed by 2020. This can affect how you market your products and services through the platforms in several ways.

Messaging will become more efficient

The biggest hurdle most new messaging platforms and apps face in the early months is convincing users that it is worth it to download yet another app, taking up even more valuable storage space on their smartphone. By having just one of the integrated apps on your device, you will be able to reach users on the other two without having the designated app readily available. Between Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook boasts an astounding 2.6 billion users worldwide, each available for a chat through one application.

Ad Space Will Become Available in Apps

Since the three apps will be integrated together, new ad space will become available to marketers and advertisers in different formats and placements. Starting with the click-to-Messenger ads that begin a direct conversation between you and the customer, you can work on perfecting your technique and come up with answers to any question they may have. After you’ve figured out the best way to use click-to-Messenger for your business, you can start running ads on Instagram and WhatsApp that follow similar format and function when advertising becomes available.

Users Prefer Chat & Text Options

Many users do not want to talk to your representative over the phone or through back-and-forth emailing. If your customer can get into contact with you by chatting with you through one of their preferred apps, they will be more likely to perform business with you because they will get answers quickly and directly, even if you are using an automated chat bot to free up representatives. Creating a chatbot on Messenger is easy and inexpensive, but Instagram and WhatsApp require more coding and expertise in the field. However, once the three are integrated, you will be able to quickly create a chatbot to use throughout the three platforms. In order to perfect your strategy ahead of the curve, you should get started with automated chat on Facebook Messenger this year to figure out how to make chat work for your business goals.

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