What You Should Know About AMP Stories and It’s New WordPress Plugin

If you have read Boston Web Marketing’s former blogs posts on AMP’s, you know they stand for Accelerated Mobile pages. These help users who are viewing your site on mobile better view the content on your site. It works by presenting the user a stripped-down HTML version of our webpage. It tends to exclude images and other JavaScript that slow down web pages on mobile. Google’s WordPress plugin for AMP’s just announced a new feature called AMP stories. Continue reading to learn more about AMP stories.

What is an “AMP Story”

AMP stories allow content producers to include quick loading images and animations to their Accelerated Mobile Pages on their site. While AMP’s used to heavily focus on relaying the text of the web page, with some basic coding knowledge and the right plugin within WordPress, you can add quick loading, visual content to your AMP’s for your users.

Why You Should Care About AMP Stories

As online search continues to be primarily mobile (almost 80%) and users are looking to AMP’s to quickly get information, this is a way to convey your message more convincingly. The term “a picture is worth a thousand words” comes to mind. The “story” can have multiple slides, animations, and calls to action. Depending on the type of business or website you operate, this can result in leads, conversions, and additional revenue. Additionally, as this becomes more commonplace within AMP’s, you may begin to see competitors utilizing this feature. Don’t fall behind and have outdated Accelerated Mobile Pages!

What Plugin is Best & Where to Start

Boston Web Marketing recommends the ‘AMP’ plugin made by AMP Project Contributors as the best plugin to begin creating AMP stories. This plugin was created by GitHub with the help of Google and WordPress according to research. This Plugin features drag and drop capabilities making it easy for those more visually inclined to create these stories and maximize their impact. Adding images, text, and SEO best practices for the AMP story is made easy by this plugin.

Boston Web Marketing – On the Forefront of Mobile Search Trends

As mentioned earlier in this blog, mobile search accounts for almost 80% of searches today. As an SEO firm, if you are not continually up to date with Mobile search trends, you are behind the industry curve. If you have questions regarding how you can improve your sites mobile friendliness and improve user experience via AMP stories, give the experts at Boston Web Marketing a call today!

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