What You Need to Know to Speed Up Your Mobile Website

Google Speed Update

Google recently announced their latest algorithm update, titled “Speed Update,” which will be implemented this July. As with any Google update, several changes will be made that will surely affect your SEO performance. Follow along to learn more about the new update and how you can make changes to your website to adhere to this newest update.

Desktop Changes?

There’s no need to worry about how this change will affect your desktop site, only mobile websites!


An effective way to speed up your mobile site before this algorithm is implemented is to find a good caching plugin and install it on your website. If you don’t already have a go-to plugin, shop around and test out a few to see which one works best for you.

Optimize Your Images

If your website has a lot of images displaying your services or products, you should allocate time to optimize all the images on your website. If a user’s phone needs to work hard to pull in all the images, it will surely slow down your website. By optimizing all your images, you should see an immediate change in your mobile website speed.

AMP Pages

AMP pages make a major difference in your mobile speed site. AMP pages are basically a stripped-down version of the original, simplifying code and content where possible in order to decrease loading speeds. This is particularly necessary for mobile websites, as users will not have as good of a connection as a desktop user and mobile users are particularly impatient.

Optimize Your Mobile Website

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