What You Need To Know About YouTube’s New Keyword Research Tool

The SEO landscape is constantly changing and evolving. The goal of Google has always been to optimize their search methods based on how their audience searches. This includes optimizing the social media websites that Google has taken under its wing. Videos are becoming a much larger part of SEO strategies, and they’re responding accordingly by making some changes on YouTube. Their new keyword research tool should be available to everyone by the end of this month. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the YouTube keyword research tool below!

The Platform Itself

The official name for YouTube’s new keyword research tool is Search Insights. It was rolled out to a select few people in early November, but this is the first time it will be released to the entire public. It allows you to see data from searches made all across YouTube, and it even allows you to narrow it down to your own viewers and subscribers! You can find the tool yourself with your own account. Go to YouTube Studio, and then hit the Analytics tab. You should be able to find search insights from there.

What Other Features Does It Have?

If you’re familiar with e-commerce SEO, you’ll likely know that a good percentage of searches made for specific products usually end in a dead end. Abandoned searches are a big issue in ecommerce, and YouTube is taking this problem seriously with their own platform. It has a section called “content gap” where you can see those searches that ended up not yielding the return a user wants. You can use this content gap to target keywords that have one and connect viewers with the results they want.

Why Is It Important?

Just as keyword research is vital to Google SEO, Search Insights will be valuable to YouTube’s. You can use this keyword research tool to formulate several video ideas that connect with your desired audience. If you’re a business trying to advertise a service, for example, using this keyword research tool will help you determine what your target audience is looking for and plan accordingly. It will also help you to discover gaps in your competitors’ strategies and content gaps to plan new content around. The more you utilize this tool, the better your chances of growing are.

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