What You Need to Know About Tracking Google Algorithm Updates

Google algorithms get updated as often as hundreds and thousands of times within a year. In the digital marketing industry, we are familiar with some of them quite well. To name a few, Panda, Penguin and RankBrain made SEO history and have significantly affected the rankings for millions of websites. On the flipside, some algorithm updates are so minor, they go completely unnoticed. In the past two years, there have only been about a dozen substantial quality updates. Sometimes, Google announces the changes they implement, but other times, we can only use third-party tools or follow algorithm watchers to keep track of the updates.

Why is it essential to track Google updates?

SEO specialists might have developed individualized optimization strategies and tactics for each client. When you orient all the efforts towards higher SERP placements, it’s crucial to observe external factors. Even the slightest changes in algorithms might affect your search visibility and rankings, ultimately impacting your organic traffic and conversions.

Use reputable blogs to follow Google algorithm updates

There are many great SEO blogs that can help you stay on track with Google updates. Visit Google’s official Webmaster Central Blog, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Round Table, and others. In the case of Webmaster Central Blog, the benefits are that the news comes directly from Google, and major changes are often announced beforehand. Third-party blogs are a great news source as well since the articles are shared by the best industry experts.

What to do after an algorithm update?

Do not panic or jump to conclusions before an official announcement by Google. In the meantime, collect and analyze the data to get a better understanding of an update. Think about how an algorithm update can affect your rankings and make the necessary adjustments to your SEO strategies and tactics. Check your Webmaster Tools for any warning signs, such as search visibility statistics or manual actions.

It’s important to remember, that search algorithms change on average about three times per day! What affects your rankings today can become completely different tomorrow. Don’t think of algorithm changes as of something negative. Google is constantly improving the user experience. Ultimately, we can use these updates to improve our content and target our customers better.

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