What You Need To Know About The New Google Ads Changes

The Google algorithms aren’t the only ones undergoing constant change! Google Ads also undergoes performance improvements to help both advertisers and consumers. Google Marketing Live kicked off yesterday, which is the annual event Google hosts to promote new improvements to their algorithms. The focus of the presentation was largely on Ads, and there are a few important updates coming down the pipeline. We explain the most influential ones below!

New Insight Tracking

The Google Insights page is extremely useful for fine tuning your ad campaigns. They’ll be able to tell you what to do differently and what to do better, and this continues with a series of updates that they’ll be rolling out for it. Mainly, there are three new ways to track insights: attribution, audience and budget. Attribution insights tell you how your ads work together across Google platforms. The audience insights will give you a greater look at your audience and how they influence performance, and budget insights allow for optimizing your budget.

Responsive Search Ads Upgrades

Responsive search ads are getting a massive boost that should improve the way your advertisements and your audience interact. Specifically, they’re getting a big accessibility boost! The new mobile-first layout allows you to show full screen ads on a phone screen in addition to allowing you to make scrollable ads for product stock. This doesn’t just apply to picture-based advertisements; video ads are getting the same upgrades! Making engaging responsive search ads just got easier.

Performance Max Campaigns

Performance Max campaigns were launched just last year, so it should go without saying that they’re due for their share of upgrades. The main highlights for these are new insights and ways to experiment with your advertisements. A/B testing allows you to see how performance max campaigns are driving conversions. The main new insights to take note of are attribution, audience and auction insights. These will allow you to get a better gauge of what’s driving your performance and what isn’t, allowing you to adjust your campaigns as necessary for best results.

Google Ads at Boston Web Marketing

While most of these updates won’t be available until later in the year, it’s always important to have an Ads strategy in place to aid your SEO. This is just one of the many services that Boston Web Marketing offers to improve your business’s rankings and conversions! We’ll make sure to account for the little details to allow your business to soar to new heights. To reap the benefits for your business, click here to contact us directly!

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