What You Need To Know About The Google Reviews Update

You should know by now that the landscape of search engine optimization is constantly changing. Google continually rolls out new updates to better cater to the user experience, and these updates can affect any of the dozens of algorithms that make up Google’s search model. One such update was recently completed earlier this month, and its main emphasis wasn’t something you’d initially expect. This latest update focused primarily on reviews and rolled out over the course of several weeks to varying results. With a big change in the way Google prioritizes its content, how will this affect your website? We tell you everything you need to know about the new update below!

Understanding the Reviews System

It’s important to note that the Google reviews system doesn’t involve the reviews posted on Google Business Profile accounts or other third-party reviews. Instead, it focused on content written for the purpose of giving a review. In Google’s own words, review-based content is articles, blogs, or other standalone content whose primary purpose is to give a recommendation, an opinion, or a detailed analysis of a product. This algorithm primarily affects those who make reviews for various products – whether they be positive or negative. Google also has official documentation about how to write a proper review so that it conforms to this algorithm.

What Changed In The Update?

The reviews algorithm looks pretty straightforward when you understand that definition – but that was before the update! Before the update, these parameters only applied to product reviews. The biggest change that the new algorithm brought was to expand the definition of review-based content. Content that falls into this category is no longer solely related to products. Now, the reviews algorithm affects content written about products, services, forms of entertainment like games and movies, events, and travel destinations.

Will This Affect My Website?

With any major algorithm change comes an understandable worry; how will this affect my website? That depends on what kind of content you have displayed. Does your content review a particular destination, product, or service? Does it make any recommendations based on an opinion? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should do a sweep through your content to ensure that it conforms to the guidelines set forth by Google.

Keep Up To Date With Google’s Algorithms at Boston Web Marketing

At Boston Web Marketing, we understand just how important knowledge of Google’s many algorithms is to your website’s success. We’re always up-to-date and equipped with a plan of action to take advantage of any update that Google rolls out. Do you run an e-commerce website that creates review content? We can help ensure that it conforms to the guidelines – and gives your business the best possible ranking! To improve your business’s online presence, click here to contact us directly!

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