What You Need to Know About Backlinks

There are many pieces to the puzzle when it comes to SEO between on-site and off-site optimization tactics. You may be doing everything properly on-site, including adding fresh and relevant content frequently, optimizing metadata, using internal links, and ensuring your site is secure, but you’re still not seeing the results you want. If you’re not thinking about your off-site optimization strategy, you may be missing out on several tactics that you could greatly benefit from! Building high-quality backlinks is one of the most important of these off-site strategies. 

What are Backlinks?

By definition, backlinks refer to an external URL from one website that leads back to yours. They are a crucial part of SEO; In fact, they were such an important factor that years ago, many websites tried to cheat the system in order to work their way to the top of the ranks. They would use what’s called “link farms,” which was essentially a webpage that only included hundreds of backlinks, and provided no other value. Google eventually caught on and created an algorithm, formally known as Google Penguin, that penalizes websites that poorly utilize links and backlinks. Using too many links, links that have no relevance to your content, or anything that feels unnatural or “spammy,” is subject to penalization. Now, understanding the importance of quality backlinks and being able to utilize them to your advantage is key. So, what are the different types of backlinks? 

Different Types of Backlinks

  • Natural Backlinks- These are links that are editorially given, without any action by the page owner. 
  • Manually Built Backlinks- This refers to links that are acquired through manual actions, such as asking customers to include links to your website from their own, or having influencers share your content on their own platforms. 
  • Self-created links-These are links that are created by submitting your website to online directories, local listings, etc. 

Building Local Listings

Since you have full control over your self-created links, this is a great place to start! First, you’ll want to claim your local listings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These listings are free to claim and allow you to fully manage your pages. Submitting these listings, as well as other local directory listings, will ensure that your NAP (name, address, and phone number) are all consistent across the web. Additionally, it’ll also help drive more traffic to the site! Backlinks are important for SEO, but also for potential customers who are looking for your type of business in a local directory.

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