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What Will the Near Future of SEO be Like?

As the world of SEO is constantly changing, optimizing, and growing, many of its old techniques need to be updated. Google typically does a pretty good job at making sure these changes are being implemented without hesitation, hence their idea to incorporate algorithms and other core vitals. With all of these changes occurring, continue reading to see the answer to three commonly asked SEO questions.

1. Will Questions be Answered in Search Results?

In the last few years, Google has been using machine learning; a process designed to better understand words within the context of sentences. Google’s mission is to implement machine learning in order to provide answers that are relevant to searchers’ questions. Whether this is through the utilization of mobile devices or voice search, Google is learning how to optimize its results to better fit the question at stake. In the world of SEO, this means that search results will go beyond identifying a list of keyword phrases. There will need to be a stronger focus on the questions being asked in the search engine.

2. Are Results Going to be More Localized?

Customers have been relying heavily on map results in their searches. This allows them to find local services and products that perhaps they were unaware of prior to this search. From an SEO perspective, this means that in addition to organic searches, there will be more implementation of time and resources into local presences.

3. How Will Search Intent be Identified?

Search volume cannot be the only focus when it comes to selecting keywords to be used. There must also be an understanding regarding the intent of the searches as they are using certain keywords or phrases. This will be able to better ensure that the content being created is focused on the intent. To the world of SEO, this simply means that it is crucial to understand more about who the searchers are, what information they are looking to obtain, and how it will be optimized throughout a site. 

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