What Will Make You Stand Out on LinkedIn in 2020?

LinkedIn offers incredible opportunities to expand your network, to establish your reputation in your industry, and to connect with new clients, employers, and employees. LinkedIn is a valuable resource for obtaining resources and support, all while building relationships with potential customers, clients, and partners. In the new year, using LinkedIn can offer enormous potential.

Do you understand LinkedIn’s value?

To get the most out of LinkedIn and to stand out, we recommend you understand the value LinkedIn offers. LinkedIn provides you with an organic reach that social media platforms don’t typically offer you. Targeting specific audiences is so easy, mainly because LinkedIn does most of the work. LinkedIn focuses on strategic relationships, so the mass amount of followings won’t take you far on this social platform.

Connect Intentionally with Your Target Audience

When implementing a LinkedIn strategy for your business, you should start the process by clearly defining your target audience. Identify companies that you want to target, and over time with a strategy in place, you can quickly grow your professional network of peers, potential customers, and people who can lead you on the right path. You don’t just want to connect with everyone possible because they won’t offer value to you and can drag your engagement rate down. You don’t just want to connect with everyone out there because they won’t provide value to you, and they will pull your engagement rate down. Make sure you make your connection requests count. 

Create More Content

Audiences love video, and it can be used as an exciting and effective way to tell stories and deliver content while driving engagement. Catering to your audiences through video will increase engagement rather than a lengthy post. Cater to your audience, so playing the video is worthwhile. Interactivity is key on LinkedIn, and it is about connecting with people, not just posting content into a void. Try using engagement-boosting strategies to building strong relationships that will help you stand out. Spend time on your content, tag the right people and don’t spam people with too much content. 

Prioritize Quality of Quantity 

Content should do the work for you. Content should be a simple, easy branding for you, even build your community. More high-quality and meaningful, intentional, strategic content will drive the right connections to your business. You get enough spam, to avoid getting even more, make sure you post positive content. Make sure you are using keywords that will generate business. 

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In the new year, you can use LinkedIn to establish your brand, expand leadership, and build a meaningful campaign. For more info on digital and social media strategy, contact Boston Web Marketing to discuss recommendations and digital plans for your business.

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