What Will Accelerated Mobile Pages Look Like on Google?

As you may be aware Google is currently rolling out its latest update Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP in mobile search results. AMP is an accessible framework that creates fast loading mobile pages. Accelerated mobile pages are designed to enable publishers to easily improve speed without needing to sacrifice ad revenue by reducing the need to use ad blockers to increase the load time. It is creating a light-weight stripped down version of a mobile web page that can load instantaneously.

But how will these accelerated mobile pages appear in Googles search results? Google has provided us with a view of what AMP pages will look like in a Google search. Google can cache, pre-load and pre-render AMP content because it’s designed to be static. 

AMP pages will appear like a carousel at the top of the Google search results. You can directly click on one and the page will load instantaneously as it is embedded in the SERP. You can then swipe left or right to read another AMP- enabled article. This creates a different experience for users than simply navigating to a published AMP page.

You can try it out for yourself with this demo by visiting the link  on your mobile device.

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