What Types of Visual Content Can Boost Social Engagement?

When it comes to owning a business, you want your brand to be well-known. In today’s world, the best way to do that is to have multiple social media pages for your business. To have a successful social media page for your business, you want to have a page that not only provides additional traffic to your website but one that encourages engagement on your page and posts. Whether it’s a like, comment or share, these are all types of engagement that help increase your brand awareness. This will, in turn, cause more people to like your social media page, which could lead to more website traffic as more people explore your website to learn more information for the products or services you offer.

The tricky part with having a great engaging social page is determining what kinds of content will generate the engagement. While there are different kinds of content ranging from written words to speech (podcasts), visual content is a type of content that you can expect to see some sort of engagement out of. What is interesting is that visual content is not just boiled down to plain old images. There are moving images (GIFs), videos, typography and so much more. Below we will dive in on the different types of visual content that will get the highest amount of engagement.

Artistic Illustrations

Artistic illustrations are visuals that complement content copy and usually have a deeper meaning rather than just accompanying a blurb. What makes visual a successful artistic illustration is that they include contrasting colors for the message/focus to stand out, while also being relevant to what is being said.  Below is an image of an Instagram post from MIT’s Technology Review profile. The artistic illustration has bright colors to outline what the caption of the photo is talking about as well as outlining the message of the photo.

instagram post from technology review

Creative Displays of Statistics

Another type of content that people are likely to engage with is statistics, humans are naturally curious about different topics and are willing to learn facts here and there. What makes these types of visual posts work is that you present the information creatively without having words cover the image itself to explain the message. In the image below, Harvard Business Review talks about the evolution of AI (artificial intelligence) that is to come.

harvard business review instagram post

Clever Uses of Typography

Over the past couple of years, you may have come across a post by a company that is based on a quote. These types of posts were a huge hit for businesses but with trends, they tend to get oversaturated and lose interest. The great thing about these kinds of posts is that by adding a creative spin on them, you can design them to peak interests while still using quote-type posts for your page. A great way to do this is by editing the typography you are using in the post as well as the colors or patterns that are relevant to your message. Below is an example using Economic Fact’s Instagram post on baby boomers and money. The background image is that of baby boomers in their golden years with the monetary amount shown in green. Obviously green is the color of money so highlighting this part of the fact was a creative way to make the post stand out to viewers.

economic facts instagram post

Filtered Images

All businesses know that having a post with an image is more likely to have a higher engagement rate than a post without an image. However, small businesses may not have the funds to hire a professional photographer to take amazing quality photos for their social posts. This is where filtered photography comes in to play to help with that issue. By filtering your image, such as a color tint to the whole image, your visual will now stand out on its own just because of the filter without the photo not being professionally shot. Thinking in terms of looking through a feed on a social media platform, an image with a bright color filter will stand out against the default colors from the platform.

Below is another Instagram post from Economic Facts about bubble gum and shoes. The entire image has a bubblegum pink filter over it. The filter not only is the color of the content the post is talking about, but the eye-catching filter itself instantly sets the post apart from others on the Economic Facts profile.

economic facts instagram post on bubble gum


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