What Types of Social Media Content are Popular in 2024?

Social media has been popular for quite some time, and with its versatility, it does not appear that its popularity will change in the future. One of the best aspects of the social media spectrum is the variety of content that can be posted. If you need ideas of what to post on social media, you are in luck. Below, we will discuss which social media content types are dominating social media platforms in 2024.

1. Long-Form Video Content

Long-form video content is usually ten minutes or longer. While some social media platforms do not do support such length, there are some that do. The most notable platform for long-form video content is YouTube. Web users are always looking to learn something, so long-form video content is popular for story-telling or “how-to” tutorials.

2. Live Streams

Live streaming with social media is another way to connect to users and followers. Live streams can be produced with social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok and offer an organic way to communicate with others. During a live stream, businesses can share new products, ideas and get instant feedback from their audience.

3. Memes

Who does not love a good meme? Memes are images with text that poke fun at a trend. Most everyone can relate to a meme and many of them are memorable. If you are stumped on what to post on social media, you can hardly go wrong with a meme.

4. Short-Form Video Content

Earlier in the blog, we discussed long-form video content. While long-form video content has its benefits, so do short-form videos. Popular short-form videos in 2024 typically come in the form of Instagram reels or stories. Instagram stories cannot exceed 60 seconds, and Instagram reels cannot exceed 90 minutes. Despite these limits, these features are a useful way to stay connected.

5. Polls

Incorporating polls into your social media campaign can be a win-win. Polls are popular amongst users because all it takes is a simple click of a button. Once a user clicks one of the provided button options, results will populate. Businesses can use poll results to learn more about what their audience wants or what their audience is thinking.

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