What Types of Keywords Should I Use for SEO?

Knowing which keywords to use is an important part of executing your SEO plan. Depending on how you use your keywords, your plan can either succeed or fail. There are various types of keywords and we’re going to inform you on how you should be using them.

  • Market defining keywords are terms that your target users will be using when talking about your brand or business. These terms are typically broad, which can make it more difficult for them to rank. Regardless, they are still imperative for your SEO plan. You want to add these terms all throughout your website. Market defining keywords can also help to spark the content generating for your website.
  • Customer defining keywords are the terms that your customers are using to describe themselves. To identify these terms, you’ll want to know what they call themselves and how they refer to others in their group. These keywords are vital because you’ll be able to find others like your customers.
  • Product keywords are used to describe what your brand or business is selling. When you’re using these keywords, you want to be as specific as possible. For example, if you are selling dishwashers, you would want to include brand names in your product keywords.
  • Industry thought leaders are people that are included in your market section that set the tone. They are individuals that are well-known or should be. You wouldn’t use these leaders in your home meta title, but they’re useful for any outreach efforts.
  • Competing company names can be helping in discovering how users interact with similar companies. They’re similar to industry though leaders in the sense that you won’t put them in your on-site optimization. Search for competitors in blogs or forums to determine what you are competing against.
  • Related vertical keywords are used in your target segment ecosystem. These keywords be anything from suppliers to industries. Keep in mind that there should be a distinct connection between these keywords and your target audience.
  • Geo-targeted keywords are important for your local rankings. These keywords can assist in targeting your local users and help engage with potential sponsors. Geo-targeted keywords are a great way to extend your influence in your own backyard!


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