What Type of Content Should go on my Home Page?

What type of content should go on my home page?

The home page of your business should likely be visited the most out of all the pages on your website. In order to capture your audience’s attention in a short amount of time, the best way to bring awareness to your home page is to follow a simple guideline of what your product and business is.

  • Provide a neat, navigated menu for visitors to easily manage through
  • Keep a clean and clutter free home page, make it easy for a visitor to get to the point of interest
  • Keep relevant content that reaches out to all your visitors
  • Make sure to include point of contact and opening hours
  • Make sure your site is updated and edited often. You never want to leave your site with old or outdated content. With Fresh new content you are likely to rank high on Google and it’s the best way to stay current with your visitors.

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