What Tools Can I Use to Improve My Mobile SEO Strategy?

With a growing number of users access websites via their smartphones, it’s imporant to make mobile SEO part of your strategy to reach more users, increase conversions, and gain more customers. Ranking signals are diferrent on mobile than desktop results since they are used for different reasons. Mobile websites also differ from desktop websites in the way they look. The three most important areas of mobile SEO are context, speed, and engagement skills. You can capitalize on these areas with the following tools.
1. Google Mobile Site Test Developed to help site owners find out if there website is mobile-friendly by simply typing in their URL into the search bar. After the test is ran, Google will provide you with a list of areas in which you can improve upon to help make your website more mobile-friendly.
2. Google Site Speed Test – Another essential resource provided free by Google, the site speed test works in the same way as the mobile site test and will provide you with areas in which you can improve on to help increase your site speed. These tips can be anything from compressing images, minimizing redirects, cacheable resources, and much more.
3. Screaming Frog – The free downloadable website crawler will quickly crawl and analyze your website across various important SEO ranking factors. It will also provide you with a snapshot of Google’s best practices.
4. SEMrush – The program will provide you with insights on your organic and paid search efforts in the form of graphs and charts as well as rankings to give the site owner a better idea of performance. There is a tool within the program to monitor specific keywords for both mobile and desktop websites. The collective information provided by SEMrush will help you identify keywords, track keyword performance, analyze competitors, and give you an oveview of paid and organic search performance.

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