What Tone Should My Brand Take During COVID-19

COVID-19 has greatly impacted businesses across America. With nonessential businesses closing down to slow the spread of the disease, it can be a confusing time to know the right steps to take. Right now the goal of many businesses is to retain current business and maintain their connection to their audiences. In the past, we have covered how you can find new calls to action during this time, how to handle social media, & how Google has responded to COVID-19. Today, we want to look at brand messaging, specials, and SEO strategy advice.

Messaging Guidelines for COVID-19

Retaining and communicating with your clients and customer base is vital right now. This is especially true for small businesses. There have been many social media campaigns and hashtags circulating about how important it is for people to support businesses during this time. That is why it is so important to take the right tone when writing social media, emails, and blog content. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid Redundancy: This is true year-round but especially true right now. The key to messaging is to be unique. Everyone is being bombarded by COVID-19 messaging. Right now is a good time to make “meet the team” social media or share educational materials. But unless you are a healthcare company, the only messaging you should share about COVID-19 is how it affects customers doing business with you. Generally, you should limit this as well. You do not want to be the 33rd COVID-19 newsletter in someone’s inbox.
  • The Elephant In The Room: Some companies are attempting to keep the same social media or blogging strategy they already have. You should address COVID-19. But you do not need to make it your entire messaging. A few simple posts or a statement on the homepage of your website should suffice.
  • Talk About Next Steps: Your customers probably have questions. Are you open, what are your hours, how can they support your business, etc. We highly recommend creating an FAQ on your website and sharing it through channels. You should help customers help you by making it clear how they can best support your business. Whether that means buying gift cards or buying digital products.

Should You Offer Specials & Promotions During COVID-19?

One way that many businesses are engaging with their customers is by advertising specials and promotions during this time. Some restaurants are waiving delivery fees or marking down items across the menu, whereas other companies that can no longer do business are promoting gift card sales with special giveaways. If you are wondering whether or not to do that there are a few things to consider. Of course, the first thing to consider is whether or not it is feasible. If a promotion or a special is not the right call for your business at this time, you shouldn’t pursue one. Instead, you should focus on engaging educational content. Utilizing polls, Facebook Live, and direct messages are all effective ways to produce engaging content without needing to run a special. However, if you can run a special you need to consider tone. Many restaurants are expressing that their specials exist to help the surrounding community get delivery or have access to their food. Meanwhile, other restaurants are blatantly expressing that these promotions are to help keep them afloat. Whatever method you choose, transparency and honesty always have a great track record with audiences.

Should You Hire An SEO Agency During COVID-19?

One thing many companies are considering during this time is to hire a digital agency. Digital agencies, especially agencies that provide website support and SEO can help in two distinct ways; short term and long term success. In the short term, they can offer you website & social media management. It is vital that customers know your hours, your services, and how to support you. An SEO agency can find the best ways to spread that information online and also make recommendations on ways to improve your website. In the longterm, an SEO agency can help you either maintain your search engine ranking or improve your search engine ranking. When all of this is over and things return to normal, we expect to see a lot of shoppers searching for things online: restaurants, hair salons, concerts, etc. You want to make sure your business is at the top of that list when all is said and done. Hiring an SEO agency can help local business leaders stay in top positions and help smaller businesses reach the top result pages.

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