What to Look for When Evaluating Your Website’s SEO

While we leave it to search engines and certain programs to really let us know how a website’s search engine optimization is, it is always helpful to take note of a few things before making a concrete plan on what you should be doing moving forward. There are always small details that you can look at in your website before getting to work, from the thinness of content, to how tags are being utilized throughout your web pages. Here are some tips to take with you when giving your computer’s website the “eye test”. 

Use of H-Tags

H-tags are what will help distinguish parts of your website’s content and give search engines a hierarchy when they crawl your website. From the perspective of search engines, this is how they identify which part of the content they will be reading and gives them context on what the following paragraph in that content will be about. H Tags normally help strengthen a website’s SEO when it incorporates keywords, location, and relevance to what the content is about. From a user perspective, it is also helpful with the overall organization of the content, making it easier on the eyes and easier to pick out certain bits of information. 


The phrase “content is king” is often mentioned and it continues to ring true to this day. Many different Google algorithms will analyze the content of your website, which can heavily affect your website’s search engine rankings. Thin content, or content that really doesn’t have much to offer other than a few sentences that don’t contribute much context to what you are trying to provide to your audience, is going to fail when it comes to having a presence on search engines. It’s best to treat search engines like users. Create interesting content with images, links to other pages of the website, links to video, make it visually appealing, and most importantly, create content that is rich and informative.

Use of internal links

Internal linking throughout pages on your website is a great way to establish legitimacy amongst search engines. It provides another way for both users and search engines to search through your site for other pages/pieces of content pertaining to your business. Providing links to a page that is relevant to what your content is talking about can do wonders for both the page’s and website’s overall traffic. 

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