What to Know About YouTube’s Ranking Algorithm

Just like its owner, Google, YouTube is considered a search engine that can rank content that is uploaded depending on a number of different factors. New information has recently been released as to how YouTube’s algorithms come into play when it comes to ranking video content. So with new changes that have been brought about, what are the most important parts about them? 

External Traffic is a factor…to a degree

Getting external traffic (aka traffic from linking your YouTube video to other sites or social media platforms) will increase your chances of being noticed, but it will only help your video with being found in someone’s “Recommendations” as they are scrolling through the home page of YouTube. 

Your subscriber base being inactive doesn’t hurt your rankings 

For the longest time, there was a theory that an inactive subscriber base meant that your content was no longer relevant to YouTube and thus would be hidden, causing you to have to make a brand new account and upload the same content. That just isn’t true. YouTube’s algorithms remember the viewing preferences of users. Creating a new channel is only necessary when deciding to create content for a completely different topic. 

There is no such thing as uploading too much content  

No, uploading multiple videos on the same day will not negatively affect your rankings. YouTube does not take upload rate into consideration when it comes to ranking video. If you begin to see a drop in views with each video being uploaded, it is likely due to audience fatigue. The only thing that you should take into consideration when uploading multiple videos in a day is the limited number of notifications YouTube gives users.

Titles, descriptions, and tags still play a big role in optimization 

Other than uploading high-quality content, one of your best ways of optimizing your YouTube videos for great results is to make sure every base is covered. Be sure to add keywords into your video’s title and descriptions, along with tags that are relevant to your industry. This will not only benefit your rankings but also help your videos greatly with being placed in the right group of content with other videos within the same category/industry. 

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