What to Know About “Keyword Cannibalism”

Keyword cannibalization is when you have different blogs or articles on your site that can rank for the same search query in Google. This is either because the topic they cover is too similar or because you optimized them for the exact keyphrase. If you optimize posts or articles for related search queries, they’re eating away at each other’s chances to rank. Usually, Google will only show one or two results from the same domain in the search results for a specific query. If you’re a high domain authority, you might end up with three.

Reasons Why Keyword Cannibalism is Bad

If you cannibalize your keywords, you’re battling with yourself for ranking. If you have two posts on the same theme, Google can’t recognize which article should rank highest for a certain query. Also, factors like backlinks and CTR get reduced over numerous posts instead of one. This will result in them all ranking lower.

Recognizing It

Googling’s site:domain.com “keyword” will give you an easy answer to whether you’re experiencing keyword cannibalism. You can review your findings by typing the same keyword into Google using a private browser. Which of your pages or blogs do you see in the search results, and where do they rank? If two of your pages for the same keyword are ordering #1 and #2, that’s not an issue. But do you see your blogs on positions 7 and 8, it’s time to figure things out.

Combining Articles/Blogs

If two blogs attract the same audience and talk about the same thing, you should combine them. That will help your rankings and solve your keyword cannibalization problem. You will end up deleting one of the two blogs and adjust the other one. Don’t just delete it, always make sure to redirect the post you delete to the one you’re keeping. 

Improve internal linking

You can help Google figure out which blog is most important by setting up a suitable internal linking structure. It would help if you linked from less important posts to posts that are the most important to the client. That way, Google can figure out which ones you want to show up highest on search engines. Your internal linking arrangement could solve a part of your keyword cannibalism issue. It would help if you thought about which blog is most important to you and link from the less critical long-tail articles, to your most important article.

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