What to Know about Google Responsive Search ads

Beginning June 30, 2022, advertisers will be unable to edit or create expanded text ads (ETAs) in Google Ads. Google will begin the transition from expanded texted ads to responsive search ads. Instead, ETAs will be able to run alongside responsive search ads or (RSAs). The goal of this transition is to simplify the way you create search ads and help generate better performance easily. Learn more about RSAs, their benefits and how to follow best practices for them below.

What are RSAs?

RSAs or Responsive Search Ads are a type of ad that advertisers create to be more adaptive and send relevant messages to customers. Advertisers are able to upload multiple headlines and descriptions and let Google generate and optimize the ads in real-time. Google then tests lots of combinations and generates only the best options. They give up to 15 different headline and 4 different description combinations to decide from. There are tons of possibilities that Google can come up with for these ads. Although advertisers may not have as much control over the creation and visibility of these ads, it definitely allows for the best combination to be created in the least amount of time. The main goal of RSAs is to improve engagement with customers by targeting relevant messages directly and easily to them.

What are the Benefits of RSAs?

Time Efficiency

Once the planning of RSA is underway, you will be able to save a plethora of time and energy by avoiding the hours of creation, testing, and analyzing that went into ETAs. By saving time, you are able to focus on other things while Google generates and does all the important work for you. Saving time and effort while getting the best possible results generated is a win-win for any advertiser!

Higher CTR & Performance

Compared to ETAs, RSAs have a much higher clickthrough rate. Improving performance is huge and with RSAs, it becomes easier and more possible to do so. With more descriptions and headlines, your ads are able to compete more and match more queries in hopes of reaching the right target audience. Most advertisers today can already see an improvement from using RSAs. The more the system can learn and optimize, the higher engagement and CTR, and it will prioritize only the best-performing option.

 RSA Best Practices :

  • Writing unique titles and descriptions
  • Straightforward call to actions
  • Including keywords and benefits when possible
  • Use existing content from high-performing ads
  • Use unique and personalized content

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