What To Focus On During Your SEO Campaign

Many small business owners go back and forth a few times before deciding to go all in on a SEO campaign for their business. Maybe they’ve heard reviews from other business owners, who have talked about increased conversions and better visibility on search engines. Or perhaps they have been doing their own research on the best marketing strategy for their business. Eventually, you’ll want to know what improvements your SEO company has made.

Get Reports on Organic Search Traffic

We have talked before about how Google Analytics shows traffic from all channels. Including, paid, referral, direct, organic, social & more if you segment your traffic into further channels. For SEO, you want to focus on organic traffic. From month to month ask for reports for this traffic channel. You’ll want to see an increase over time.

Organic Goal Conversions

Every SEO agency should set up proper goal conversion tracking to see how many leads your website is developing. For most sites, a lead is considered a phone call or a contact form being filled out. Just like you want to monitor organic traffic, you’ll want to keep tabs on organic conversions. An increase in organic conversions indicate your SEO agency is getting more visibility on search engines, and these users are converting into leads.

Determine Your Traditional Cost Per Lead

If you’ve ran traditional marketing campaigns in the past for your business you probably worked out your ROI. Perhaps you spent $1,000 on a direct mail campaign with 10 leads being generated. Your cost per lead would be $100. For SEO it’s a good idea to gauge a monetary value onto the leads being generated organically. Once you compare your SEO budget to your increase in organic conversions, you’ll have a good idea if SEO is the right marketing strategy for you.

Keyword Rankings

A first step in establishing your SEO campaign should be determining what keywords you want to rank for. For local SEO it could be something like “service offered in service area” or “plumbers in boston”. Your agency will either use software to track your keyword rankings or provide monthly screen shots. Watching your keyword rankings will give you a tangible indicator of SEO success. It is important to note that you should be checking in on these every day or week. With constant changes in Google’s algorithms, rankings can fluctuate from month to month. The key is a sustained overall improvement.
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