What Terms Should I Know To Understand Google Analytics?

google analytics

To make the most of Google Analytics, you must have a good understanding of the terms within the program. Analytics uses many terms that are hard to understand if you don’t have a full grasp on web analytics. Learn the main key terms to take full advantage of Google Analytics and all it has to offer.

Page Views: This is the number of times a user views a page. This covers all page views; so if a user refreshes the page, or navigates away from the page and returns, these are all counted as additional page views.

Sessions: Sessions are individual periods of time that visitors spend on your site. A visit is ended either after 30 minutes of inactivity or if the user leaves your site for more than 30 minutes.

Visits: The amount of times your website is accessed.

Visitor: A user who goes to your website.

New Visitors vs. Returning Visitors: New visitors are those users that have not visited your site before the time period specified, while returning visitors will have made at least one visit to at least one page on your site previously.

Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is given as a percentage, and represents the number of visits when users leave your site after just one page.

Traffic: The total number of visits to your website. Google Analytics divides traffic into multiple categories including direct, referral, organic, and paid.

Direct Traffic: This consists of visitors that type a URL directly into the address bar, select an auto-complete option when typing the URL, or click on a bookmark to get to your site.

Referral Traffic: Referral traffic is when a user has landed on your site by clicking on a link from somewhere else.

Organic Traffic: Organic traffic shows the users who came to your site by clicking on the organic links on the search engine results page.

Paid Traffic: Paid traffic shows the users who come to your website from Google AdWords ads, which are paid search engine keywords.

Pages Per Visit: Page views divided by visits. This metric shows the average number of pages viewed per visit.

Conversions: Conversions happen when a visitor comes to your site and completes a desired goal or action, such as completing a purchase.

Goals: A measure of something you want in Google Analytics, such as how many times users fill out a contact form.

Impression: The display of a referral link or advertisement on a web page.

Keywords: Words that users use to find your website in a search engine.

Landing Page: The first page that a user views during a session.


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