What steps do I take after launching a new site?

Companies across the country are transforming their old html websites into modern WordPress sites that are more user friendly. The internet is an important place, and for people visiting your website, it is there first impression of a business. While creating a website is very important, there are some steps that you must take to ensure the maximum amount of traffic after a site is made live.

The first step after your new WordPress site has been launched is to go into reading settings. At the bottom of this page, make sure “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” is unchecked. When this box is clicked, your website will be unnoticeable to Google and people won’t be able to find you organically. This would be a travesty to realize weeks or months after your site has been launched.

For those sites that had Google Analytics, you need to make sure your new site is incorporated with the code. Downloadable SEO plugins, such as “All in One SEO” offers a convenient box where you can add your Analytics code. This is very important as I am sure you would like to see the improved traffic a new website brings you.

When you lose your old site, make sure to remember that there are old URLs on the internet that are no longer active. People that travel to old URL pages that are inactive will be lead to 404 errors. Be sure to write down all the old URLs before you launch and check if they are the same as the corresponding page of the new site. It would be helpful to download the wordpress plugin “Simple 301 Redirects”. Here you can easily enter the old URLs and forward them to your new website pages. This is a helpful tool to ensure quality backlinks to your site and improved user interaction.

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