What Should My Landing Pages Look Like?

Let’s get back to the basics. You just created a new website and you are excited about everything that it has to offer. You have a cool new logo, new service pages, and calls to action but how are your landing pages set up? It’s important that you focus on creating effective landing pages to help attract customers and drive conversions. Landing pages are essential to your marketing strategy, especially when using online advertising. While you are building out these pages to attract users and capture leads, it’s important to ask a few critical questions before hitting publish.

How Does the Top Half of the Page Work With My Current Marketing?

The effectiveness of the page above the fold, or before the user needs to scroll, is vital to getting users to convert. Making sure the page corresponds with the ads will limit confusion and encourage users to stay on the page longer, learning more about your products and services. If your landing page has different content than what is being discussed in the ads, users will be more likely to navigate away. The top have of your landing page should basically be a miniature, to the point version of what you want to get across on your site.

Is My Headline Effective?

Your headline needs to be snappy and clear, quickly getting the point of the page across. Does your headline state what promotion your business is offering? Can a user noticing your business for the first time get an accurate idea of what products or services you provide? The best type of headline will answer yes to these questions, as well as convey the value a customer will receive by working with you. You should be as specific as possible while still leaving room for a few questions by your competitors.

Does My Page Have Clear CTAs?

The goal of your landing page is to move users from simply showing interest to taking action. This can be accomplished with calls-to-action (CTA) around the page in clear, obvious locations. Your CTAs should stand out against the page in contrasting colors or bold buttons to call your business directly. In order to keep the idea of converting in the user’s mind, have a few among your content. This should include a button in your sidebar, click-to-call in your content and a CTA above the fold for users who want to contact you immediately. When creating your calls-to-action, it is important to make sure the terms are clear to the user, particularly those that involve an investment on their part. This will help motivate those who are unsure of what they will be getting from working with you and keep the benefits transparent.

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