What Should I post on Social Media?

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are extremely popular and low-cost way to connect with your business’s current & potential clients. It gives you the opportunity to directly interact, gain new followers, and expand your market. After realizing social media’s importance, it can be difficult and frustrating to figure out and learn what content to share that will actually work to gain traction. Because there is so much you could be posting, here are three useful options to help you generate and share the perfect social media content.

Share Articles

As a business, like and follow companies that are similar to you or in your industry. You should also closely follow any industry trends, and use social media as a platform to weigh in. This is your place to engage with the industry and inform followers who are potential clients about what you do & care about.

Post & Share Images

A post including a picture will grab attention more than plain text will. Statistics show that sharing images throughout your social media posts can significantly boost your following & engagement. Whether it be a holiday, special occasion, or product image, sharing a picture is easy and always relevant. If you don’t have a lot of original content on hand, consider using free or paid stock photos to incorporate a visual strategy.

Holidays & National Random Days

Every national or local holiday gives you the opportunity to post on social media on a trending topic. This shows your followers you are actually a real person who is also celebrating with them. As people know, there is also a national day for almost everything in the world. For example, there is a “national pizza party day”, “national leave the office early day” and much more. Look online, find funny days relative to your business, and mark them on your calendar. Between holidays and funny national days, you have 10-20 easy posts you can make that will resonate with followers.

It is important to remember that while calls to action are important, they should be scattered instead of included in every post to avoid being spam-like. With just a little time and thought, you can have a constant and popular social media following. For further information or to have our team of experts at Boston Web Marketing give your current social media presence a boost, feel free to give us a call at (857) 526-0096.

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