What Should I Look for in an SEO Audit?

Conducting an SEO audit for your website is a great way to evaluate what your site has that can be beneficial for its search engine optimization, as well as aspects of it that need improvement. It is a great means of developing a foundation as to what you’ll be spending however many days or months on in order to achieve better rankings on search engines such as Google. Looking at your website from both a content and technical standpoint can help you develop a great game plan as to what you want to achieve in your SEO strategy. Here’s what you need to focus on when auditing a website for its SEO. 

Length of Content 

Content that is well-written, informative, and has a decent amount of length to it bodes well for your rankings. Before really considering SEO, many websites tend to have think content or content that is limited to a few sentences that really provides little to no information. Take note of the length of the content on your web pages as you conduct your website’s SEO audit. 

Duplicate Content

Duplicated content or content that is literally copied onto other pages/posts can greatly hurt your website’s ranking. It is also downright disinteresting and makes you seem less legitimate to users who are looking to be informed about services/products. Make sure that even if you may have to write similar content to what is already on your website, that it at least be phrased differently and include changes to links/maps/images/etc. 

Technical Factors

Whether it be involving alt text for your images, robots.txt, or having sitemaps available for search engine bots to crawl, making sure that all aspects of your website, both the front and the back end will ensure that any sort of factors that aren’t available on the front end is easily findable on the back end for bots. 

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