What Should I Know About Mobile & Video Search?

With video content being a great way to achieve and maintain visibility online, just how important is it really and should we start investing our time on it. We understand Google frequently changes its algorithm so it’s best to believe they would do the same with YouTube (as the owner is also Google).

Searchers and viewers have significantly changed over the past years. As we turn our attention towards the video search visibility in the mobile context, how will this affect the way we approach SEO for our video content?

Mobile Search activity over the years.

According to the statistics from Statista, the organic searches shared across mobile shows during the Q3 2013, 27% of searches were made on smartphones and tablets compared to 73% on desktop, but by Q3 2018 found that mobile devices accounted for 57% of organic search engine visits.

Mobile share of organic search engine visits in the United States from 3rd quarter 2013 to 4th quarter 2018


Survey period

Q3 2013 to Q4 2018

How much video viewing is mobile?

eMarketer - Mobile Video Viewers and Penetration Worldwide 2016-2021

As search activity continues to rise on mobile, should we expect the same for video activity? Yes, we should. Market research company, eMarketer, found that more than 80% of video viewing will be expected to increase on mobile in 2019 which is a 10% increase of just 3 years. And it will only continue to grow!

YouTube videos on Google

With more and more people using their handheld devices to search and view videos, should we think differently when optimizing our YouTube video content on desktop and mobile? Absolutely. Different searches may show different results, certain elements of video optimization need to be considered. Here are 3 quick tips to get you started.

1. Titles.

When it comes to video SEO, try to keep the titles short and to the point in the first 30 characters as this will transition well when it comes to mobile.

2. Previews.

Having an eye-catching and high-quality thumbnail is very important as this will capture your target audience attention. Additionally, keep the whole video consistent with informative content for higher engagement.

3. Consistency

Google recognizes out of date content, so keep updating with fresh content to your channel as the date or age of content is clearly visible across Google, YouTube, desktop, and mobile devices.

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