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What Should I Know About Instagram’s New Update?

Recently, one of social media’s top platforms, Instagram, came out with a new update that centered around keywords rather than just hashtags, making it easier for content to be found on the strength of keyword use rather than just hashtags. In the past, hashtags were one of the big contributors to be found on Instagram searches. Now certain phrases or keywords will also help dictate how your content is found on Instagram. So what important factors are worth noting with this new update to Instagram?

Captions Have a Greater Impact Than Before 

Hashtags, location, usernames, etc were once one of the biggest means of being found by users on Instagram. If your captions incorporate the right keywords, your content has a better chance of being found by users that aren’t just your current followers. Whether or not long or short form captions help rank better remains a mystery, but incorporating captions that are well-written and content industry-relevant keywords can increase your chances of being found by users. 

Timing of Posting Matters 

Timing is still important in order to see a successful number of positive reactions to your posts. This is more dependent upon your location as well as the industry. Time zone is also critical as well. When strategizing times when to post your content, think about what your consumer base is doing. Are they more active on social media during the afternoon eastern time? Do they like to check on Tuesday or Thursday? These are questions you can look into through some of Instagram’s free tools when you create an Instagram business account. 

Context of Content is Crucial 

Yes, you have another factor that you can rely on other than just the typical hashtags, locations, and more. But just because you’ve got a popular phrase in your post doesn’t necessarily mean your content will instantly receive more views and likes. Context is everything. Your post won’t receive much attention if you post a photo of a drum set and then make the caption about kittens. In fact, Instagram may shadowban you altogether if you decide to follow through with an image with a caption that isn’t relevant to it. Keep this in mind as you pair captions with content. 

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