What Should I know about Google Algorithms?

Google Algorithms are complex formulas Google implements to retrieve valuable data. Google’s algorithms index and scan websites to deliver the best possible results for search engine queries. Google algorithms will use the information and content on your website(s) as a criterion for its search engine result ranking factor. The main google algorithms are google penguin, panda, pigeon, and hummingbird. Below we’ve outlined what each of these algorithms looks for, and how they can help you to better optimize your website for SEO.

Google Penguin

In 2012, Google launched Google Penguin to combat link spam and manipulative link-building practices. Some websites will use black-hat SEO tactics such as link buying in an effort to boost SEO. While it is true that you can buy links that can boost your website, it is a very bad idea to do so. Algorithms like Google Penguin are in place to catch websites “spamming or buying links” for short-term SEO success. Once Google Penguin detects that you are using black-hat SEO tactics it will severely punish the ranking of your website.

Google Panda

Launched in 2o11, Google Panda is an algorithm aimed at highlighting duplicate content, weak content, and low-quality content. This algorithm is in place in an effort to reward good, unique, and enriching content. On the flip side, Google Panda is implemented to prevent websites with poor quality content from rising up the search engine rankings. Learn more about how to write high-quality content for your website here.

Google Pigeon

Google Pigeon was launched in 2014 and serves as a more relevant, precise, and helpful way to get local search engine results. Google uses this algorithm to better determine where you are currently located and from there it determines the best way to communicate information to you. Long story short, Google Pigeon gives you better local results in a query.

Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird is an algorithm that was inspired by the characteristics of a Hummingbird and has been around since 2013. Like a hummingbird, Google hummingbird’s mission is to provide faster and more accurate information during a  search query. Google believes more people are searching for longer-worded keywords over shorter-worded keywords and emphasizes that uses this algorithm.

Professional SEO Services: Boston Web Marketing

Having your website conform to those Google algorithms is not easy. If those Google algorithms interpret your website’s information and content in a negative light, it will affect your search engine results ranking on a page. No business owner wants that. At Boston Web Marketing, our team can make sure those important google algorithms are serving you the best way they can and get your website or business ranking high on particular search queries. Our team is always ready to help, so just contact us to get started!

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