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What Should I Know About GA4?

Google is moving all Google Universal Analytics to GA4 by July of 2023, and Boston Web Marketing has already begun to help our clients to make the transition. During this transition, there will be plenty of new updates. Please continue reading to learn more about GA4’s implementations and customizations that can be used as an updated solution from Google.


How Will My Analytics Reports Look?

If you’re not using GA4, you’ll have a big problem in the future because you won’t be able to do year-over-year analysis when you switch over. This is a huge setback if you’re not switched over to GA4 by July of 2023, so be sure to contact one of our team members to assist you with your GA4 setup!

Your analytics reports will still be similar in comparison to UA. The layout of analytics may appear different, but you will still be able to play around with the data to compare year-over-year, month-over-month, and so on for items such as conversions, events, pages viewed per session, bounce rate, and so on.


Is There an Easy Way to Migrate the GA Universal Analytics to GA4?

There is an easy way to migrate the Universal Analytics to GA4. The first step is to convert all of your goals from UA to GA4. Make these conversions with the help of Google Tag Manager. You’ll create a new GA4 tag in GTM, just as you would for UA. Then, you’ll implement click-to-call tracking, contact form tracking, book-now conversions, etc., just as you would with UA. The only difference is that you’ll be utilizing the GA4 tag to record the metrics. The final step is to ensure that GA4 is tracking the goals and conversions. Click on the configure tag, create the event just as it is set up in GTM, and check that the event is marked as a conversion. 


What are the Three Concepts of Attribution in GA4?

You can now change the default viewing of attribution in GA4. This was not possible in UA, as there was only one, last non-direct, default viewing of the attribution in analytics. Below are the three different concepts that you can view within the attribution tab:

  1. Attribution at User Level: This appears in the user acquisition report.
  2. Attribution at Session Level: This is located in the traffic acquisition report.
  3. Attribution at Key Conversion Level: This is based in the conversion report.

The attribution model will not change your report data if you view attribution differently than the default view. You will still be able to view each of these three concepts of attribution.


How Can Boston Web Marketing Help Me Switch From UA to GA4?

Luckily for you, our team here at Boston Web Marketing has assisted many clients with their transition to GA4. We are getting ahead of the curve to allow you and our team time and resources to learn and understand this transition. We want to be knowledgeable about what GA4 entails, so we are more than prepared to help you! To get started, contact us today by calling (857) 526-0096 or emailing

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