What Should I Include on My Homepage?

 The homepage is a crucial aspect of a website. This page is typically the landing page, which is where users get their first impression of a website. Many factors should be considered while building a homepage, including design, color scheme, images, and content. The homepage should also be giving users a summary of the rest of the pages on the website. Here is a guide of the important elements that a home page should include.

  1. H Tags:

    Having an enticing headline will grab the attention of users on a website. It will also help users get a quick, concise understanding of the website. In addition to that, headings are very beneficial for search engine optimization purposes. When a website is crawled, the first thing that is read will be the H1 tag. This is why it is important to remember to include keywords within the heading.

  2. Summary of Services:

    Provide users with a better understanding of what your business offers by adding a section to your homepage that summarizes your services and products. Within this section is a great place to add call-to-actions and internal links that will draw users into other pages of your website. Adding a summary of each service or product will increase the content on the home page, which will boost SEO.

  3. Call-to-Action:

    Call to actions are a great way to grab the attention of the users. Call to actions are also an easy way to complete a conversion or goal on a website. CTA’s can be used to complete a contact form, complete a sale, or to bring users to other pages within a website. 

  4. Testimonials:

    Adding a section to the homepage that includes testimonials or customer reviews is a great way to bring credibility and legitimacy to your website and/or business. Users are more likely to have a good first impression of a website when they are able to read about success stories from past customers/clients. In addition to that, testimonials can often highlight the services that you have provided to past customers, giving users more understanding of what your business does.

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