What Should I Include in My Website’s Footer?

A website footer is found at the bottom of every website past the body of each page. The footer is sometimes an underrated aspect of a site that website owners often overlook. However, this is an excellent area of a site to provide additional information and links that users can find easily. If you are struggling to find what information to put on your website footer, we have put together a list of valuable features to include.

Contact Information

Every website’s footer should include your business’s contact information. Providing this information in the website’s footer as well as the contact us page makes it an easy and quick way for users to find how to connect with your business. This business information should include your office location(s), phone number, email address, business logo, contact form, etc.


Another feature that a website’s footer should include is a navigation menu for the different pages on the website. Sometimes users may resort to the footer to find the page they are looking for if they couldn’t find it elsewhere. Many times websites might have pages that they do not want to include on their main navigation in their footer, including the careers page, press, and more.

Social Media

For businesses that use social media and want to grow their social followings, it is a great idea to put the social media icons with links to the profiles in the footer of your website. 

Email Signup

The footer of a website is also a great place to put an email sign up for users to subscribe to your business’s email updates. Providing an easy way for users to sign up for your email newsletters can help your business grow its’ email lists. A larger email list will increase your chances of leads, conversions, brand awareness, and more when sending out email newsletters, promotions, sales, business updates, etc.

Featured Posts/Projects

If your website regularly updates content in blog posts or recent projects, you may also want to include a section in your footer with one or two featured posts. If users have scrolled to the bottom of the website and haven’t found what they are looking for, this feature section may catch their eye and keep them from leaving your website.

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