What Should I Be Reporting On In Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a newer space in the online community. Although digital marketing is evolving every second, businesses need to invest in digital marketing. If you want your business to be successful, digital marketing and reporting will be key factors for you. Of course, leads and conversions are important, so tracking those and making sure they generate revenue will ultimately lead you and your business to success. To do comprehensive digital reports, you need a good understanding of what a good report entails. Many small businesses partner with an agency to get the right metrics and reports to analyze for future plans. In this FAQ, we will review the main reports you should focus on for your small to medium business.

Social Media

You want to gather all of your platforms to provide insights and evaluate your social media performance. Include objectives and goals in your social media report. You want to explain how these objectives align with your overall business goals. Some key metrics to include are reach, impressions, engagement, demographics, follower growth, and lead generation.


Identifying your SEO strategies and website performance in search engines will lead you to success. Keyword rankings are one of the most important items to include in your SEO report. Having a list of targeted keywords and their current rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs) will allow you to see positive or negative changes in the future. You also need to include an evaluation of on-page SEO factors like page titles, meta descriptions, and content quality and length.

Website Metrics

When reporting on your website, it is essential to analyze trends and patterns. Compare a set amount of data to the previous year to see the reasons behind those changes. You should be using platforms like Google Analytics to collect and analyze your website’s data. From there, your business should create a comprehensive reporting format that is easy to read.

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