What Should I Be Including in My Email Campaigns?

Have you ever used email marketing for your business? If not, it should be on your list of marketing strategies this year! Along with SEO, email marketing can be very beneficial to your business. With dozens of ways to customize a campaign, email marketing is a great way to captivate an audience and get your message through. Here are some tips you should use to create the perfect email marketing campaign to show off your brand in 2021:

Include a Creative Subject Line

Having a subject line on your email that draws in the consumer will determine whether they open, ignore, or delete the message. Having something catchy, including emojis, or something in trendy in the subject line, will have consumers curious and wanting to learn more! It will make them feel like they’ll miss out on something great if they don’t check out your email.

Include Unique CTAs

Instead of outright saying “Buy Now” or “Visit Our Site”, you should be creating a call to action that is more descriptive. Try building in your CTA to a sentence or use an urgent phrase. Encouraging the fact that there is an expiration on the deal you’re advertising will have potential customers more likely to click. 

Be Short & Sweet

When you send out an email blast, you want the receiver to read it and go to your site. If you create an email that is long and wordy, they will start to read it, become uninterested, and delete it. Keeping it short and sweet will allow the consumer to read it quickly and go to your website to learn more about your brand or business. The end goal is for them to check out what products or services you have to offer!

Avoid Creating a Spammy Email

Don’t try to engage potential customers by adding a million exclamation marks and a bunch of fully capitalized words. Your emails will most likely be flagged as spam, and consumers will not see them. You don’t have to be over-enthusiastic for consumers to want to read your email!

Personalize Your Email

Having a consumer’s name in the subject line or the email can catch a consumer’s eye. You should also be creating different emails for those who have been customers vs. those who have just signed up for your emails. Encouraging return customers compared to captivating potential customers is a bit different. Making sure these consumers are not getting the same emails will help them feel more thought of by your brand. 

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