What Should Be On My Linkedin Profile?

The social media networking platform, LinkedIn, was launched over 14 years ago. Today there are a half billion users on the free platform. This makes it a great place to market yourself, or you business. Like all online profiles, to have an effective profile, it needs to be  properly filled out. Take these steps to get the most out of LinkedIn for yourself or business:

Fill Out The Summary

The summary section of your profile is an opportunity to introduce yourself and share what you want to get out of LinkedIn. Maybe you want to network with other small business learners, or you are there looking for employees to expand your business. Either way, use the summary portion of your profile to let other users who find you know what you are hoping to get out of LinkedIn. It’s also OK to update this section periodically, as your interests change.

Contact Information

As we mentioned, there are over  500 million professionals on LinkedIn, and you’ll never know when an opportunity is going to come knocking for yourself or your business. Make sure you fill out the contact information with all the proper details. This includes your stores address, the best email to reach you at, and whatever phone number is most appropriate.

Join Relevant Groups

By joining relevant industry groups on LinkedIn, you are opening yourself or bushiness up to contribute to industry discussions.  You’ll never know when somebody is going to be looking for exactly the goods or services you provide.


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