What Should Be On My Business Website Homepage?

The home page for your website is important because it is the first impression for a potential customer.  Having a clean, well designed homepage is key to converting leads into customers.  Homepages can look completely different from business to business but there are a few elements that all of them have.

  1. Content above the fold – Make sure visitors don’t have to scroll down to see the most important content.
  2. A company logo – Your business should have its logo displayed prominently.  It’s all about brand image and creating a lasting impression.
  3. The name of your company – For obvious reason, the name of your company should be the first thing visitors read.
  4. Contact information – Make it easy for visitors to find your phone number & email address so they can contact you.  Many people online will visit your site just to find the phone number to call you.  It is a good idea to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to contact you.
  5. Call to action – This can be a contact form or button encouraging visitors to call you or request a free estimate or contact you for more information.  This, along with you contact information, is meant to make it easy for leads to contact you.

These are the 5 most important things every homepage should have.

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