What Should Be Included In A Meta Description?

Meta descriptions are important for users and search engines to understand better what the page is about. Meta descriptions help to describe the page in a brief one or two sentences. These sentences should include an enticing summary telling the reader exactly what they will click on. These descriptions should include targeted keywords but not to the extreme where users cannot understand the description and choose not to click on the website. To find the perfect balance between users and search engines both being able to understand, it is important to know what should be included in a meta description. Learn below what to include and how to get the most out of your website! 

What Does A Good Meta Description Have?

Meta descriptions have various components that make it good. Learn below what makes a good meta description and how you can write and improve them for your website today!

160 Characters

All meta descriptions should consist of around 160 characters. Going a little bit under is fine, but be sure that if you go over 160, your characters will get cut off and not be visible to users. On a search engine results page, only around 160 characters will be seen for each page. Unfortunately, we can’t always control what Google will show, so keeping your characters to 155-160 is a safe spot to be sure important keywords are not being cut off in your description.

A Call To Action

Meta descriptions should include a call to action to get users interested in learning more about their products or services. “Find out more”, “learn more”, and “call/contact us now” are great calls to action to include at the end of your meta description to entice people to click and learn more about a specific offering on your website. Getting people to click on your link is huge, and the better call to action you include, the more likely you will get clicks to your website.

Targeted Keywords

Targeted keywords are a must when writing your meta description. Including keywords that people are searching for will help improve your ranking on search engines and increase your chance of getting clicks. When optimized keywords are used, Google is more likely to rank your page higher and in front of the eyes of new users. This increases your chances of traffic to your website and makes your website more enticing than other sites that are further down on the page. Google will often highlight those targeted keywords in your meta description, making them stand out more from users and better your chances of getting clicks.

Make It Unique

Aside from all the other factors mentioned, making your meta description unique to you and your business is the most important. Not every user wants to click on a link that is boring and typical marketing. Using an active voice that is true to you will make users more interested in clicking on your website and learning more about what you offer. It’s also important that each meta description is unique for each page you have on your website. That means no two pages should have the same meta description, or else Google will not optimize your ranking for that page.

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