What SEO Trends Will be Present in 2019?

Developing a proper SEO strategy is challenging for a variety of reasons but carrying out the plan can be even harder due to unforeseen roadblocks including the ever-changing search algorithms present on search engines such as Google. This can be expected, with Google always striving to better itself in its attempt to be the best, these sorts of updates are bound to happen and all you can do is make sure that you prepare as best as you can. The future of SEO is something that not a lot of individuals examine because, as we discussed, even the present state of search engine optimization can be hard to fully grasp. Although, in order to stay one step ahead of the changes implemented by Google and other search engine operators, individuals must examine trends within the industry.

Mobile First Indexing

2018 was a big year for SEO mostly due to the mobile first indexing rolled out by Google. For that reason, this is one of the most prominent SEO trends that will continue into 2019. Mobile first indexing means that Google takes your mobile site into account when giving you a search ranking.  Recognizing this, businesses will look to further optimize their mobile websites.

Page Speed

These trends tend to coincide with how Google can deliver better results to users of the search engine as this helps them work towards their goal of becoming the best there is out of competitors like Yahoo and Bing. For that reason, page speed continues to become increasingly important in terms of SEO because sites that load slowly do not help Google provide its users with the data they’re looking for. Making sure your website loads fast ensures that your rankings will not dip moving into 2019 as this SEO ranking factor continues to be dominant.


One of the trends that is surprising to many individuals is how popular Amazon is for online searches. Many consider it the Google of e-commerce due to the fact that 56% of consumers stop by Amazon if they are looking to shop and 51% visit the site when looking for more information on a product they found elsewhere. For this reason, if you’re an e-commerce company not on Amazon you’re missing out of over half the available search traffic.

Staying up to date with these trends as well as keeping an eye out for others that develop over the course of 2019 will help to make sure that your SEO strategy succeeds with as little difficulties as possible.


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