What SEO Errors can Harm my Rankings?

The perfect website does not exist; Websites are always a work in progress, and as new algorithms and updates become available, adjustments must be made.  Every site is bound to have a few areas for improvement and some that may affect how they rank on SERPs. SEO flaws are common throughout many of the websites you come across on a daily basis. Becoming familiar with frequent SEO errors that may harm rankings will help you identify and resolve these issues on your own site. 

Content Errors

Content is one of the most important elements of a successful SEO strategy. Focus on perfecting your content, and your search rankings will follow. 

Thin Content 

Pages with less than 300 words may not be deemed valuable enough to rank on search engines. Having little to no text content on a page shows that there is not much information to share with the reader, and you may be ranked lower because of this. Less content also means fewer keywords. 

Duplicate Content 

If your site has multiple pages with the same content, it may not be ranking high on SERPs. You should always change up the verbiage and keywords throughout your entire site in order to avoid the penalty for duplicate content. If you want to keep the same content over multiple pages, you can also use the canonical tag to manage these pages. 

No HTTPS Certificate 

An HTTPS certificate gives extra security to your website, which is especially important for e-commerce sites with online payment. Some browsers won’t allow users to view your website at all if it does not have the certificate. This is a simple fix that can be purchased through your hosting platform. 

Slow Page Speed 

The speed at which your website loads is becoming far more critical to ranking in the coming months. Google is rolling out a new algorithm that puts more weight on page load speed because it improves user experience. You can check your site’s page speed by checking Google Lighthouse insights. 

Bad Links 

Always make sure that the sites linking to your page are reputable sources. A site that is participating in link farming or other bad linking techniques could bring down your ranking on search results pages. 

Eliminate SEO Errors With Boston Web Marketing 

Creating a solid SEO foundation with few errors can take time and effort. The specialists here at Boston Web Marketing have a deep understanding of all common SEO errors and can help eliminate them from your website. Contact our team to discuss how we can help your business and improve search rankings fast! 


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