What Role Do SEO Specialists Play In Today’s World?

So, the company you work for just hired an SEO Specialist or is thinking about hiring one. You ask yourself “How is this person actually going to help?” Many still wonder about what SEO is all about and we’re here to tell you.

What is an SEO Specialist?

Imagine you are purchasing a new set of knives for your kitchen. Do you purchase 50 different knives for each individual food or a couple different multipurpose ones that can cut all sorts of food? You purchase the multipurpose one! SEO Specialists and reps in today’s world act like a multipurpose knife because of their ability to perform many different tasks. They perform tasks like analytics tracking, content writing, website development, pay per click ads, as well as educating others on their findings through reports and data-driven results. The job of an SEO Specialist normally entails doing a bunch of semi-related tasks all with the same end goal of trying to help a company rank better.

Should companies hire more than one SEO Specialist?

Remember when we talked about an SEO Specialist being like a multipurpose knife? As great as that knife may be, you don’t want to overuse it. In 2018, Conductor, an SEO platform and enterprise content marketing company, found that for SEO professionals to have successful careers, they need to have an above average skillset at several different tasks because of how big an SEO task can be. That is why you see companies hiring more than one SEO Specialist because the only thing better than have one multipurpose knife is two. The ability for your SEO Specialists to be able to bounce ideas off one another and work on different tasks at the same time will allow them to maximize their time as effectively as possible.

Will hiring an SEO Specialist work for my company?

YES! Although there may be a loose guideline to SEO that all companies and agencies follow, the underlying truth to performing at a high level is being able to know your client or company inside and out. No two company’s SEO strategies are the same and it’s up to your SEO Specialist, or specialists to know that and find out what strategy works best.

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