What Qualities Make a Link “Bad” for SEO?

In the past, manually building a link on an outside source was the major link building strategy. Now, a more natural form of link building is encouraged; it’s best to earn links naturally by promoting original content. Of course, you can still manually build links as long as you’re focused on providing valuable content to your readers. Take a look at  some characteristics that make a link “bad.”

Low-Authority Domain

Links on high-authority websites pass along much more authority to your site than those on low-authority sites. If you have links on your website that come from a site with a poor reputation, this could be detrimental to your organic rankings.

The Link Points to a Source with Irrelevant Content

Content is extremely important in Google’s search algorithm so it’s critical that a link which points to your site is associated with relevant content.

No Link Diversity

While it’s good to have a large number of links to your site, you also need diversity. If Google notices too many links pointing to your domain from one website, it may seem suspicious. Google would prefer to see multiple links pointing to your domain from multiple sources.

Reciprocal Exchange of Links

It may seem like a clever idea to exchange links with a friend who owns a similar site, but this could ultimately cause more harm than good. Google can easily pick up on an excessive number of traded links between two sources.


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